Upton Vineyard

10 acres of Sauvignon Blanc were planted in 1969 on Saint George root stalk. They were dry farmed and cane pruned on a 2 wire trellis. Upton Vineyard was officially certified organic in 1990 by CCOF. In 1996 the Sauvignon Blanc was retrained on a lyre system trellis and a drip system was added. The re-trellising was done to open up the canopy and let more light into the fruit and also to control vine vigor. The drip system was added to assist in getting new vines started to replace the vines that had died. These vines produce 3 - 4 tons to the acre.

5 acres of Petite Sirah were planted in 1970 on AXRl root stock. These vines were first head trained and were also dry farmed. In 1997 they were trellised on 2 wires and re-trained as a cordon. They produce 2 - 3 tons to the acre. The Petite Sirah from Upton Vineyard made by Frey Vineyards got a Bronze medal in 1999 from the Mendocino County fair.

Samples of wine are available for both Sauvignon Blanc and Petite Sirah.

This is a family farm where our 2 adult sons also participate in helping us bring the grapes to market. We also raise bees and chickens and grow fruit trees and walnut trees. This year we are planting a few olive trees. We love having visitors and invite prospective winemakers to call any time to come and see the vineyard!

Farming Practices:
Sustainable and organic

Vineyard Management:
Upton Vineyard is family owned and operated since 1988 and the viticultural practices are managed by John Upton. After harvest, soil samples are taken each year and the soil amendments are applied accordingly. Each year composting and cover cropping are done. Crimson clover is planted every forth row for integrative pest management. In between is a plough down cover crop mix. The Sauvignon Blanc is cane pruned while the Petite Sirah and Sangiovese are cordon trained. In the spring, cultivation begins with mowing as soon as the ground is dry enough for a tractor. The cover crop is ploughed in but the crimson clover is left intact. The ploughed rows are disked and the base of the vines are cleared with a Kimco in row tiller. After the crimson clover blooms and drops it's seeds it gets mowed. There is some sulfuring but due to down canyon winds that blow every day mildew is minimized and little sulfuring is needed. We do minimal leaf peaking because of our trellising system but it depends to some extent on the weather.

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