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Mendocino Winegrowers EXPO 2023

Insight – Idea – Innovation

April 19 @ 8:00 am 3:00 pm

April 19th, 2023 The Mendocino Winegrowers, Inc. (MWI) hosted it’s first EXPO at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds. Previously known as the Economic Summit, MWI wanted to revive this pre-covid event to engage all corners of the wine industry at a larger scale with the same mission: help increase our members operational profits.

State of the Mendocino County Wine & Grape Industry

With this goal in mind, we invited an array of industry professionals to discuss the current state of the grape, bulk wine, and wine markets, and what trends to watch out for. Like any industry, being aware of what’s brewing outside of your own operation will help you determine how to adapt and elevate yourself in this volatile market.

CA & Mendocino County Grape and Wine MarketChristian Klier, Turrentine Brokerage

International Grape and Wine Market and its Effect on the Mendocino MarketSteve Dorfman, Ciatti Company

IRI Retail Market Performance Sebastian Donoso, Bonterra Organic Estates

Recruiting and Workforce Management

Along with the those volatile markets, we invited an experienced panel of vineyard and winery CEOs, owners and managers to discuss their experience with the increasingly complicated labor hiring process and their solutions to help with this high demand.

Some operations in Mendocino County work with the H-2A program when recruiting laborers. Seso Labor attend the EXPO to discuss their management platform and how to stay in control of your H-2A program and on top of compliance while saving time, money, and headaches.

H-2A Made Easy – Michael Guirguis & Julie Harris, Seso Labor

Innovation Presentations

The wine industry is always evolving, with new technology and innovated systems you could find a way to adapt your operation to become more sustainable, proficient and profitable. The innovation presentations were selected by the MWI Education Committee to address areas that are constantly improving in the wine industry. The presentations below gave the attendees insight and ideas to how begin navigating through those areas. Not included below is the equipment demonstration by CLEMENS Technologies.

Wine Barrel Innovation & Dogs Against TCA Taint – Alejandro Fantoni, TN Coopers

Automating the Farm Management Process – Eric Jenssen, Intelliculture

Yeast Propagation System – Yoann Canovas, Vivelys

OENOTERRIS, Integrated Agro-Oenology – Carmen Giuffre, OenoFrance USA

Software-Enabled Business Services – Steven Harrison, Vinoshipper/Complete DTC

Trade Show

In-between sessions attendees could check out the trade show that was made up of 47 exhibitors including, Atlas Vineyard Management, TN Coopers, Duarte Nursery, BioFiltro, Garton Tractor, Novavine, Sonoma Clean Power, ETS Laboratories, & Advancing Eco Ag *See the full list at mendowine.com*. Providing the latest technology, services and resources that could improve your business operations for years to come.


  • Alain Fouquet Cooperages
  • BioFiltro
  • Bouchard Cooperages
  • Bucher Vaslin North America
  • CCL Label
  • Enartis USA
  • ETS Laboratories
  • Juclas USA
  • MCC Label
  • PolarClad
  • Process2Wine
  • Sonoma Clean Power
  • TN Coopers
  • TricorBraun WinePak
  • Vintrace
  • Vinventions
  • Vivelys
  • WithWine


  • Atlas Vineyard Management
  • Advancing Eco Ag
  • AgCode
  • Atlas Vineyard Management
  • Belkorp Ag
  • Clemens Technology USA
  • Cold Creek Compost
  • Duarte Nursery
  • Embers Protection Services
  • Garton Tractor
  • George Peterson Insurance
  • Grey Creek Nursery
  • Herrick Grapevines
  • IntelliCulture
  • Knights Grapevine Nursery
  • Langan Associates
  • Martinez Orchards
  • Novavine
  • Pellenc USA
  • Phytech
  • Sunridge Nurseries
  • Tule Technologies
  • West Coast Ag Products
  • Wonderful Nurseries


  • Hopland Research Extension Center
  • Mendocino County Resource Conservation District
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Visit Mendocino County
  • Zero Foodprint

Thank you!

If you would like to help us improve the next EXPO, please considering spending 2-3 minutes filling out this feedback survey>>… The Mendocino Winegrowers EXPO 2023 is designed to provide winegrowers and vintners with the tools available to exceed in our industry. We look forward to seeing you at the 2025 Mendocino Winegrowers EXPO!


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