Hopland’s Alta Orsa is the story of the land, the vision and labor of their small team – led by winemaker Martin Bernal-Hafner. The story is centered on a holistic approach to farming. They practice no-till farming, minimal organic sprays, cover cropping, no tractors between the rows, and no herbicides under the vine. This philosophy preserves the unique sense of place and leads to wines that are classic, elegant, and worth laying down.

Bernal-Hafner and Roger Peng and Ricardo Garcia are devoted to farming this 160-acre mountain property formerly known as Topel in a holistic manner, using organic and regenerative agricultural practices. Patience, observation, science, and experimentation guide their approach. Since the planting of the high-density vineyard in the late 1980s, they have practiced no-till farming, minimal organic sprays, no tractors between the narrow rows, and no herbicides under the vine. This lets them craft truly unique, balanced, and age-worthy estate wines.

Check out their Alta Orsa estate wines, and the Orsa portfolio featuring balanced expressions of the Mendocino estate and partner heritage vineyards on the North Coast.

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