Drought Tips – Water Conservation in the Vineyard

UC Davis – Irrigation Management for Grapevines 2021

Heat Stress Mitigation in the Vineyard – May 2021

UC Davis Drought Tips 2015

Irrigation Management of Winegrapes with a Limited Water SupplyDivision of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California

Fruition Sciences‘ blog posts on heatwaves, drought, and sap flow:

  1. Crop Coefficient (1): plant-based vs. vineyard based
  2. Crop coefficient (2) : Why using a plant based crop coefficient ?
  3. Crop coefficient (3): monitoring transpiration ratio variations during growth
  4. Crop coefficient (4) : how does heat wave effect water use?
  5. Crop Coefficient (5) : How heat affects maximal vine water needs and water deficit?

How to assess vine water status in a heatwave

Fruition Video: Irrigation Webinar – Heat Waves

Dieback Syndrome 2021

Delayed Spring Growth and Cold Damage in the Vineyard June 17th Webinar
presented by UC Davis

Cold Fall and Arid Winter Conditions Wreak Spring Havoc in Some Vineyards


Growers Tool Kit to Sell More Grapes

Are you ready for a grape buyer’s visit?

Resources growers need to have for grape buyers:

  • Vineyard Map (blocks color coded by varietal) to include the following information: rootstocks, budwood, spacing, vines/acre, soil types

Apps to help create the map – Google Earth, Avenza Maps

  • Pesticide Use Reports – and Recommendations from PCA
  • Certifications (CCOF, Fish Friendly, CSWA, Historic Vineyard Society, Demeter-USA etc.)
  • Pruning practices
  • Irrigation practices
  • Historical tonnage reports from past 5 years
  • Sales history to wineries – awards wines made from your grapes received
  • Talking points on what makes your vineyard, site, farming practices
  • special/different from your neighbor
  • Vineyard Management assistance?
  • Harvest capabilities
    • Gondola-Bin Type
    • Equipment
    • Machine harvester

Practical advice for a grape buyer’s visit:

  • Dress for success…wear clean work clothes
  • Clean your vehicle for the vineyard tour
  • Prioritize the grape buyer’s visit – nothing is more important than being ready
  • Your vineyard office, shop etc. are a reflection of your attention to detail – keep it clean and organized

How to Transition to Organic or Bio-Dynamic Farming

CCOF Certification


Demeter Certification



California Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Workbook

Other Resources

2019 Final Grape Crush Report

Mendocino 2019 Grape Crush Report Press Release

Vineyard Irrigation with a Limited Supply of Water by Glenn McGourty

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service maintains a soil survey of all the soils in the nation. To find the soil type(s) for a specific parcel, go to the Web Soil Survey (WSS).

CA OSHA Regulations – COVID-19

COVID – 19 OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard – What does this new regulation mean to the wine industry? (slide deck from Wine Institute and CAWG Dec. 4)

COVID – 19 OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard – What does this new regulation mean to the wine industry? (video recording of the presentations – Wine Institute and CAWG Dec. 4)

Additional Resources 

Kaos Sheep Outfit –541-760-1413, Jaimeikaos@gmail.com

Financial Resources for Grape Growers:

American Ag Crop Insurance Video Presentation Jan 12

American Ag Crop Insurance Worksheet for 2021

American Ag Financial Tools & Resources Presentation Slides

American Ag Financial Tools & Resources Video Presentation Recording

How to calculate wine grape smoke damage payable loss for crop insurance claims

Smoke Exposure FAQs for Crop Insurance

Smoke Taint and Crop Insurance Information – American Ag Loan

USDA – CFAP 2.0 Program -application deadline Dec 11, 2020

How to Get Your Business’s Fair Share of U.S.D.A. Relief Payments

CFAP 2.0 Fact Sheet

Information on the program, eligibility, a payment calculator, and application

Farm Service Agency’s webinar for interested applicants

USDA Providing Economic Relief for Grape Growers

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 – USDA’s Farm Service Agency will accept CFAP 2 applications from September 21 through December 11, 2020.

CDFA’s Center for Analytical Chemistry (CAC) is available to test more winegrape samples for the presence of smoke compounds due to recent wildfires. The CAC has tested 140 winegrape samples since early October, when it began accepting them to help commercial labs reduce testing turnaround times for growers. CAC’s turnaround time is 3-5 days. The lab will measure seven smoke-related compounds (guaiacol, 4-methylguaiacol, o-cresol, p-cresol, m-cresol, syringol, and 4-methylsyringol). To submit samples ($246 each), visit the CAC website for instructions or contact CDFA at (916) 228-6844 or CDFA.CAC_receiving@cdfa.ca.gov.

CALIFORNIA, DAVIS, UC Davis CA&ES Analytical Laboratory

Contact: UC Davis CA&ES Analytical Laboratory

Notes: This laboratory tests wine samples only.

CALIFORNIA, SACRAMENTOThe Center for Analytical Chemistry (CDFA)

Contact:  CDFA.CAC_receiving@cdfa.ca.gov or (916) 228-6844.

Notes: This laboratory tests wine grapes only.

LOUISIANA, NEW ORLEANS Eurofins (with California drop off sites)  

Testing standard: ISO 17025 

Contact: Tammy Tran  or (504) 297-3400 

Notes: Eurofins laboratory is located in New Orleans, Louisiana with drop-off locations for wine and winegrape samples in West Sacramento, Livermore and Fresno. Full details of their testing program can be found in the flyer provided by Eurofins.

FAQs for UC Davis’ Anita Oberholster regarding smoke exposure 9/14

How to do Micro-Ferments Video by UC Davis

CAWG Smoke Exposure Information

Micro-Fermentation Protocols

Grape Sampling Protocols for Smoke Exposure Analysis

Smoke Exposure Testing Labs:

ETS Labscurrent turnaround approximately 4 weeks

Supra Research and Development

Location: British Columbia, Contact: Matt Noestheden 250-469-3923, Type: Comprehensive (free and bound smoke markers)

K Prime, Inc.

Location: Santa Rosa, CA Phone: 707-527-7574, Contact: clientservice@kprimeinc.com, Type: Comprehensive (free and bound smoke markers)


3450 Broad Street – Suite 101
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Ray Marsili

Marsili Consulting Group
(815) 289-0303 RTMarsili@gmail.com
Services: Able to run free and bound forms of smoke related phenols. 

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