Growers Tool Kit to Sell More Grapes

Are you ready for a grape buyer’s visit?

Resources growers need to have for grape buyers:

  • Vineyard Map (blocks color coded by varietal) to include the following information: rootstocks, budwood, spacing, vines/acre, soil types

Apps to help create the map – Google Earth, Avenza Maps

  • Pesticide Use Reports – and Recommendations from PCA
  • Certifications (CCOF, Fish Friendly, CSWA, Historic Vineyard Society, Demeter-USA etc.)
  • Pruning practices
  • Irrigation practices
  • Historical tonnage reports from past 5 years
  • Sales history to wineries – awards wines made from your grapes received
  • Talking points on what makes your vineyard, site, farming practices
  • special/different from your neighbor
  • Vineyard Management assistance?
  • Harvest capabilities
    • Gondola-Bin Type
    • Equipment
    • Machine harvester

Practical advice for a grape buyer’s visit:

  • Dress for success…wear clean work clothes
  • Clean your vehicle for the vineyard tour
  • Prioritize the grape buyer’s visit – nothing is more important than being ready
  • Your vineyard office, shop etc. are a reflection of your attention to detail – keep it clean and organized

How to Transition to Organic or Bio-Dynamic Farming

CCOF Certification

Demeter Certification

California Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Workbook

Other Resources

2019 Final Grape Crush Report

Mendocino 2019 Grape Crush Report Press Release

Vineyard Irrigation with a Limited Supply of Water by Glenn McGourty

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service maintains a soil survey of all the soils in the nation. To find the soil type(s) for a specific parcel, go to the Web Soil Survey (WSS).

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