Vineyard Services

Our Mendocino County vineyard services partners offer different services to help with growing, harvesting and analysis.

Belkorp AG
City: Ukiah
Phone: (707) 380-0245
Website: Website
Casa Cristal Nursery
Our family has been growing grapes and making wine in California for three generations. We understand the importance of a dependable supply of healthy, true-to-type vines. Casa Cristal Nursery offers a wide selection of varietals including 2010 Protocols and an innovative array of customizable support services, but excellent relationships with growers are the heart of our business.

We stand by our vines and our growers, because we’re not just growing grapes.
We’re building lasting relationships.
City: Delano
Phone: (661) 792-6468
Cold Creek Compost
Cold Creek Compost's staple product, Agrow-Blend compost, is specially formulated for North Coast soils. This compost will have your plants, whether they’re grapes or tomatoes, healthier and more productive than ever before.
City: Ukiah
Phone: (707)489-5966
Duarte Nursery
Duarte Nursery, Inc. is a family owned and operated nursery. It is the largest permanent crops nursery in the United States.
City: Hughson
Phone: (209) 531-0351
Farmecology Viticultural Services
Farmecology Labs provides services in Viticulture, Soils Evaluation, Soils Evaluation, and Irrigation Management.
City: Hopland
Phone: (707) 744-1191
G3 Enterprises
G3 provides integrated packaging solutions from grape to glass. Their team utilizes holistic, analytical approaches to provide solutions.
City: Modesto
Phone: (800)321-8747
Garton Tractor
Garton Tractor, Inc is a full line equipment dealership featuring New Holland, Kubota, Takeuchi, and Hitachi brand equipment.
City: Ukiah
Phone: (707) 468-5880
Grow West
Grow West® serves progressive growers who build and sustain profitable businesses while also taking care of their environment and community.
City: Ukiah
Phone: (707) 489-0907
Guillaume Grapevine Nursery
For more than one hundred and twenty years the Guillaume family has dedicated itself to improving grapevine growing through selection and innovation.
City: Knights Landing
Phone: (530) 735-6821
JSC Agricultural Supply
Jim's Supply Company is the premier manufacturer of vineyard trellising solutions, including stakes, crossarms, and end posts. Buy direct! We also stock t-posts, trellis wire, anchors, and much more.
City: Bakersfield
Phone: 707-483-1974 or 707-293-9552
MBC Construction
MBC Construction Company INC., is a Class A General Engineering Contractor firm providing all forms of construction projects and site work in the North Bay Area.
City: Ukiah
Phone: (707) 272-3201
Noble Custom Harvesting
Noble Custom Harvesting is a full service custom harvesting service. They offer their clients a fleet of harvesters, hauling trucks, forklifts, gondolas and more.
Phone: (707) 462-4168
For almost two decades, Novavine has worked to provide quality grapevines for premium winemakers. They produce more than 6 million grapevines annually.
City: Santa Rosa
Phone: (707) 539-5678
Redwood Empire Vineyard Management
Redwood Empire Vineyard Management provides a trusted resource for all things related to vineyard management including property and soil.
City: Geyserville
Phone: (707) 857-1670
Sonoma Clean Power
SCP is the public choice for electricity in Mendocino County. They create local solutions to climate change that work for your wallet & lifestyle.
City: Santa Rosa
Phone: (855) 202-2139
Sunridge Nurseries
Sunridge Nurseries is the most trusted and respected name in the grapevine nursery stock industry. We have earned that reputation through years of dedication, honesty, integrity and a commitment to uncompromising quality. It is a reputation we cherish and work diligently to maintain. We understand this industry and the people who dedicate their lives to it.
Phone: (661) 363-8463
Vineyard Industry Products
Vineyard Industry Products strives to provide growers with products that make their life easier. They are always watching out for the best prices.
City: Windsor
Phone: (707) 837-5410
Wilbur Ellis
Wilbur-Ellis offers a complete line of agricultural inputs, including Crop Protection Chemicals, Organic and Sustainable options, Fertilizer, Seed and Technology.
City: Healdsburg
Phone: (720) 306-6340
Wonderful Nurseries
Wonderful Nurseries is North America's largest grapevine nursery and offers the most advanced facilities and processes in the industry including our in-house testing lab that allows for 100% testing of our mother blocks annually.
City: Wasco
Phone: (661) 758-4777
Wyatt Irrigation Supply
We provide superior custom designs and products that connect people, animals, and plants to water – that essential life source we all share. We use our many years of experience and knowledge to connect our customers to the best quality, most cost-effective products made for each specific job.
City: Ukiah
Phone: (707) 462-7473

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