Mendocino WineGrowers Inc (MWI)  is an alliance of grape growers and vintners working together to promote the grapes and wines from Mendocino County.  The group was formed in 2012  to promote the quality and image of Mendocino County grapes and wine with three target audiences: 1) decision-makers who buy grapes, 2) press and trade groups who write about, sell, or recommend wine, and 3) consumers who buy wine.

MWI is run by the Executive Director, Bernadette Byrne, and a volunteer Board of Directors. 

Hoss Milone – Vintner Member / PRESIDENT
Brutocao Family Vineyards
Term: 2020-2021 

Ann Weigt – Vintner Member / VICE PRESIDENT
Frey Vineyards
Term: 2020-2021

Bree Klotter – Grower Member / TREASURER
Valley Quail Vineyards
Term: 2021-2022

Sebastian Donoso – Vintner Member / SECRETARY
Fetzer Vineyards
Term: 2020-2021

Lorenzo Pacini – Grower Member 
Pacini Vineyards
Term: 2020-2021

Michael E. Boer – Grower Member 
Stipp Vineyards
Term: 2021-2022

Matt Hughes – Vintner Member 
Term: 2021-2022

Jen Petrey – Vintner Member
McNab Ridge Winery
Term: 2020-2021 

Mark Wentworth – Grower Member
Wentworth Vineyard & Ranch
Term 2020-2021

Mike Lucia – Vintner Member
Rootdown Cellars
Term 2021-2022

Marcia Morgan Lazaro – Grower Member
Paradise Canyon Farms
Term 2021-2022

Michael Pecherer – Grower Member
Pecherer Vineyards
Term 2021-2022

2021 Commitees:

Marketing – committee oversees marketing and public relations projects: Mark Wentworth (chair), Marcia Morgan-Lazaro (co-chair), Hoss Milone, Cody Ashurst, and Jen Petrey

Grower – committee works to help growers market their vineyard, sell their fruit, negotiate contracts, get crop insurance and more: Lorenzo Pacini (chair), Ann Weigt, Cody Ashurst, Michael Boer, Bree Klotter and Michael Pecherer

Membership – works to grow MWI’s membership base and provide value: Bree Klotter (chair), Sebastian Donoso and Jen Petrey

Educational Outreach: Creates educational programs for our members, whether in person Technical Tastings (when feasible) or virtual programs on issues such as winemaking, smoke exposure, viticulture and more: Sebastian Donoso (chair), Matt Hughes, Mike Lucia

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