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ALTA ORSA is the story of our land and the vision of winemaker Martin Bernal-Hafner. Farming is the core chapter of our story and has been for more than three decades. As stewards of this 160-acre mountain property, we farm in a holistic manner – meaning we use organic and regenerative agricultural practices. Patience, observation, science, and experimentation guide our approach. Since the planting of our high-density vineyard in the late 1980s, we have practiced no-till farming, minimal organic sprays, no tractors between the rows, and no herbicides under the vine. This leads us to craft truly unique, balanced, and age-worthy estate wines - Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux blends, and Syrah.

ALTA ORSA embodies Mendocino’s rugged authenticity, craftsmanship and adventure by exploring paths less traveled. Those same paths have led us to discover partner vineyards throughout the North Coast that carry their own heritage and stories that we want to tell.

Orsa is a tale of appellations. We aim to highlight the character of each region by producing expressive wines through minimal intervention in the winery. These wines are the introduction to the breadth of our winemaking and our story.

Our goal is not to expand broadly, rather become deeply connected to these places, our wines, and patrons. We strive to honor the land through wines – capturing their uniqueness while building a sustainable business. Due to small production levels, the wines are available straight from us to consumers, select restaurants, and retails shops, so that those who enjoy our wines can become part of our adventure. We aim to be transparent, focused, and committed to our community.

We host winemaker led private tour of our hillside vineyard and winery in Hopland. Dog friendly winery in Mendocino County.

Martin Bernal-Hafner

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