Nelson Hill

We call our vineyard the Deep End Vineyard because it is located in the northwest end of the valley where it slopes “deeper” down toward the ocean. This part of Anderson Valley was named “The Deep End” by locals who had their own secret language called Boontling. It is currently planted with three French Dijon clones – 114, 115 and 777 – each comprising 30% of the vines, and 10% Pommard, a moderately more intense pinot noir clone. The Dijon clones each offer a slightly different characteristic of aroma, fruit and body. The vineyard is planted in a traditional 5×8 pattern, five feet between vines and eight feet between rows, on a southern-facing hill that slopes down to Mill Creek, a full-year, spring-fed stream. Summer days are typically 80 to 90 degrees; nights 50 to 55 degrees, a variance not seen in many wine-growing locales. The slope and the soil, a rocky loam, ensure good drainage, while the southern exposure maximizes sun and heat. The moist air streaming in from the ocean, approximately 10 miles away, cools the vineyard at night. All these factors create an ideal microclimate for raising pinot noir.

Deny Dudzik

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