Christopher C. L. Chen, Ph.D., an integrated vineyard systems advisor from the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, announced he will be teaching an Introduction to Viticulture course at Mendocino College’s Ukiah Campus this spring semester. The course, coded AGR 111, is designed for vineyard workers, supervisors, managers, and home or hobby viticulturists.

The class, offering small size and individualized guidance from Chen, focuses on major practices in vineyard management and the scientific principles behind grape management strategies. It is also a required course for the ‘Viticulture Certification’ program at Mendocino College.

Registration for the class, which begins Jan. 25 at 3:30 p.m., is open at Mendocino College’s website. Chen encourages those interested or benefiting from the material to register and refers to the attached flyer for more information. He also invites donations to North Coast Viticulture, directing potential donors to select ‘UCCE North Coast Viticulture’ in the donation designation drop-down box.

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