Hopland’s Sparkling Wine & Oyster Celebration is set to be a highlight event, showcasing Mendocino’s position as a key destination for sparkling wines. This event is part of the annual Seafood & Sips Mendocino festival and is scheduled for January 27, 2024, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The celebration will take place in the enchanting setting of Saracina’s Wine Cave in Hopland, creating an atmospheric and memorable experience for all attendees. It will feature a stunning array of sparkling wines from over 25 producers across Mendocino County. These include both boutique, family-owned wineries and international names, highlighting the diversity and quality of sparkling wines the region has to offer.

In addition to the sparkling wine tasting, the event will also feature freshly shucked oysters from Hog Island Oyster Company. The classic pairing of oysters and champagne is a central theme of the event, celebrated for its timeless appeal and the delightful punch of umami found in both oysters and sparkling wines. This combination promises a gastronomic delight for all attendees.

The celebration is not just about wine and oysters; it’s a full sensory experience. With live entertainment set against the backdrop of the vineyards, this event offers a perfect opportunity to indulge in the finest offerings of Mendocino County’s wine country.

For those interested in attending, tickets are priced at $125 per person and can be purchased from Destination Hopland’s website. Given the popularity of such events and the limited capacity of the venue, it’s advisable to book tickets early.

This event is a wonderful opportunity for wine enthusiasts and foodies alike to explore the rich culinary and viticultural heritage of Mendocino County, known for its organic and biodynamic vineyards and diverse AVAs.

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