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Mendocino Winegrowers Inc. (MWI) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 devoted to promoting the grapes, wines, and wine-growing community of Mendocino County. MWI is the only county-wide organization to represent our growers and vintners and is committed to providing a positive impact on the wine industry here in Mendocino County.

Your support can help us make this happen. Whether as an ongoing member or new, your membership bolsters MWI’s efforts in promoting and supporting the wine industry here in Mendocino County. A membership in MWI ensures that we can continue our efforts on your behalf. Use the form below to join online, or download a printable form.

Grower Membership Benefits

  • MWI assists in selling Grower Member grapes by connecting sellers with buyers.
  • A web page devoted to your vineyard on, which dramatically increases your marketing reach and promotes your vineyard to winemakers and grape buyers.
  • Increased awareness on MWI social media channels
  • Exclusive educational programs produced by MWI for our Grower Members (Technical Tastings, Mendocino Winegrowers EXPO 2023, Grower Roundtables, Webinars, Field Days and more).
  • Timely information, news and resources at your fingertips through our community e-Newsletter and our website,

Growers Membership Online Form

  • Vineyard locations: Please list the name(s), best street address(s), and bearing acreage of each vineyard location that is part of your membership
    Dues are based on the total 2023 bearing acreage of all vineyards that you own in Mendocino County. Please check the box that applies to you.
  • Price: $0.00

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